The Stereotype

So much has happened,
So much has changed
So many people have come and gone
They’ve all taught me something
They’ve all made me strong

I wondered how I could please them all
But failed to know what they want
Then one fine day I realized,
It wasn’t me they wanted,
All that they needed was a stereotype

I have wings you know, but I mustn’t fly
I also have a mind that I can’t apply
I shouldn’t disagree, I shouldn’t differ
I must obey without a murmur
To make them feel proud, I had to be the stereotype

For years I have supressed myself
For years I did what they felt was best
I didn’t want to hurt those I loved the most
But who was I fooling, I hated being the stereotype

What I have become was not what I wanted to be
The real me was hidden, afraid to be seen by anyone but me
People who wanted to see me as a saint
I know they loved me, I know they cared
To redeem myself though, I had to dare
I had to stop being the stereotype

Now they can see I’m not that nice
I’m not afraid to speak my mind
I’m not too sure they like me now
I’ve thrown away the facade
I’m no more the sorry stereotype

Seasons change, people come and go
but I’ve learnt what I must really know
What matters most is what I feel inside
Of people’s perceptions I really don’t care
Because I can look in the mirror and hold the stare


2 responses to “The Stereotype”

  1. I am sure many can relate to this.
    Way to go, Priti! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Harshali…we all go through many phases of being what we are told we are to what we actually are within…

      Liked by 1 person

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