Eclipses are temporary, the Sun is eternal!

Without much ado let me give it to you straight – I had a really tough day yesterday! Remember the days that make you wonder why you really got yourself out of the bed? Yesterday was one of those days.

You’re running late, things just happen to go wrong in spite of your best efforts. You try to fix meetings, they get delayed. You try to complete deadlines, and they’re not going to be met. You try to reach home early; the on-the-way chores don’t let you. See, I’ve been whining so much already. And then you realize that the intensity of your reactions should never have been this high in the first place.

But sanity just returned to my life, want to know how?
I was watching this spectacular solar eclipse video with the Sun being rendered totally dark by the moon. And then I thought about it, the Moon is really tiny as compared to the Sun. But when the time is right, it can make the Sun disappear, if only for some time. Every eclipse is a miracle, thought I with the surprised innocence of a Winnie the Pooh!

As soon as I got this lovely thought in my head, I left for work. And the moment I stepped down my building I was completely taken aback by the brightest light of our glorious Sun. And I smiled to myself and said, Eclipses are temporary, the Sun is eternal! And so it is with life – problems are temporary, the light of your soul is eternal. 

The bad phases in your life are just eclipses. Sometimes they are partial, they give you a tough time, but you know you can sort things out alright. There are some that come annually, think appraisals and the burden of layoffs. Once again, it’s just an eclipse! Some are total eclipses; they really make you feel defeated. People you trusted most, betray. People whom you idolize, start hating you just like that. Sometimes there’s just no support from anyone. You feel broke and devastated, financially and spiritually.

The worst of all eclipses is when you lose your loved ones. Then the darkness that follows is so real, it stabs you right in the heart and leaves you bleeding till you feel you have no love to give and no life to live. But then, tomorrow will be another day, said Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. And it is so true, for eventually you will shake yourself good!

Sometimes with the help of a very supporting family, or maybe the friends that miss the good old You. Sometimes, you will do it for yourself, or maybe because you know the person you miss may not have liked to see you suffer. But rise up, you will! That is the law of human nature, we are survivors, nay Warriors and most of us will learn to pick up our swords and fight again. 

All of us have known people, the most loveliest wonderful people, who ended up believing that the total eclipse in their life is permanent. I know and have loved and lost some precious friends who believed they were destined a life of darkness and chose to give it up. It’s like the sun believing the eclipse will forever cast a shadow on its light. Till date, the loss leaves me numb, I have nightmares questioning them – why they did, what they did.

You just cannot fathom the amount of pain and regret filled in their hearts that made them take the most drastic step of all. All you want to do is to go back in time and just tell them, dude, it will all work out fine, really! Yet you know too well, there’s no coming back either of the person or the time. 

Eclipses will come and go, our karma, our destiny will always help us meet people who make life difficult for us and situations that can make all our pride and self-respect crumble. Yet, there are also those who love us unconditionally and support us in trying times. Eclipses in life are indeed miracles! They teach us humility, simplicity and keep us grounded to reality. They also help us realize what our true priorities are; who are the people that really care for us and most importantly the ones that we should really care about. Shouldn’t we then be equally grateful of these eclipses as we are for every gift that life offers?

Next time when there are eclipses in your life that make you feel dejected and depressed, be thankful for them. 
Remember: Eclipses are miracles! They enlighten your soul and help you discover the true gems in your life! 


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