The Letter (A short story)

He entered the room looking for her, but found an uncanny silence that was unbearable for him. This room was always full of non-stop chatter and peals of laughter. He shrugged, if only he had more time with her. Looking at the emptied out wardrobe and dressing table, he remembered how she much she loved shopping and how there were always too many shoes, too many dresses, too many accessories lying about the entire place. The room looked stark and lifeless with only a few empty cartons and boxes.

But there was one place that was still living. Her favorite corner, her bookshelf next to the window with her small beige seatee on which she snuggled up night after night, reading and reading some more. It still had a book lying upside down with a small fold at one page. “My adorable little bookworm”, he almost sighed when he said it.

He reached out for the book wondering what she could possibly be reading last night. “Of course, it had to be Gone with the Wind”, holding up the book and noting how she was always so strong and temperamental like Scarlett O’Hara. And suddenly, a paper flew off the book right on his lap. He picked it up and read the first few words:

My dear papa,

Teary eyed with hands that could not stop shaking, he started to read what was his daughter’s letter to him.

My dear papa,

I knew you would be coming to my room after everyone has left. And I knew you would find comfort in my favorite corner hoping to see me as you usually did, lost in the world of my books.
You mean everything to me, papa! You are my hero, my idol, and my inspiration. Everything I do, it is because I want to make you proud of me. You and mom brought me into this world and raised me like I was your biggest treasure. You cannot imagine the kind of security and comfort I felt always knowing that I had you guys to watch my back. That sense of safety has given me the wings to fly and soar high in the world. You gave me the gift of life, the gift of values, the gift of love but most importantly, you gave me the gift to be myself.

You always encouraged me to be individualistic; you always wanted me to realize my potential. You always made me see the best in me. When I made this decision to pursue education and career in a different country, you did everything in your might to realize my dream. Last night as I sat back for one last time after going through my checklist the nth time, I just thought of you and mom. Mom and I had a good sobbing session last afternoon. But you papa, you just try to stay calm all the time. Somehow, I never want to even imagine you crying. So this is for you papa, I am always going to be your little girl and you are always going to be the best man in my life.

I know you will always be watching my back and praying for me, no matter which corner of the earth I may be in. I know I will be fine. I want to know that you will be fine too.

Love you,
Your Sun, Moon, and Stars – Pari

Tears flowed freely and he cried like a small child. His little sparrow had flown over the nest to claim her skies.

P.S. This story was written to answer a Quora question – Can you complete this story .. The link is


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