You and I

Once upon a magical night,
A luminous moon shone,
A million stars carved a face,
Emanating a subdued light.

Esoteric music plays in my ears,
The ancient song of my soul,
I fade away in a deep slumber,
To awaken in the unreal realm of dreams.

The mystic tune stirs my heart,
Gushing waters fall into a lake,
I walk alone in silent, fragrant woods,
With only wild flowers as my witness.

Enchanted by the blue water,
I descend into its cold waves,
Disowning my garb,
One step at a time.

I swim with abandon,
Washing away the tears of time,
The moonlight bathes me,
Till my soul glistens with its magic.

Unaware of an intense gaze,
Watching me with passion,
With closed eyes I stay afloat,
Drinking in the stillness of the night.

As the gaze neared,
I freeze in the mist,
Only to be warmed,
By the heat of your eyes.

A fleeting moment,
In which our eyes met.
Our hands entwined,
And so did our souls!

We spoke without a word,
The embrace, a solemn promise,
The caress, full of longing,
Strangers became lovers!

An oath we took,
To be with each other,
One lifetime after another,
My heart was yours;
Now and forever.

Yet, our love falls apart,
Your silence plays its part,
You watch helpless and broken,
As I become another’s victory token.

I wake up weeping silently,
Was it only a dream?
Your touch still lingers on my cheek,
Your gaze still follows my trail.

Or maybe it is just a figment,
Of my vivid imagination.
You are only a thought,
My mind’s most wonderful creation!

Yet in this cruel world,
When I’m driven into madness,
Your thoughts are enough,
To keep me from going insane.

My eyes look out,
Trying to find you,
A face familiar,
A touch I have known.

If we find each other,
Two lost and weary souls,
This story would begun anew,
The story of You and I!


3 responses to “You and I”

  1. Lovely!
    The beginning reminded me of ‘Ti Phulrani’.
    Nice twist 🙂
    Coming up with part 2 of this?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow… That’s a great comparison…. Part2 needs me to go back in the realm of dreams…

      Liked by 1 person

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